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Colin Ross


Colin is perhaps best known as a landscape photographer, specialising in sweeping moody images of remote beautiful places which have become internationally recognised for their quality and evocative beauty. However, recently, his less well known work in other genres, has also gained recognition not only for its quality, but also the unique perspective it offers of seemingly familiar subjects. 


Colin’s award winning wildlife images are a perfect example of this. While the images shot in a more “classic” format have won accolades such as the top print in Northern Ireland’s Roy Finlay Natural History Competition; it is the moody fine art images, which softly draw the wildlife out of their surrounds and into centre stage which captured the imagination of so many and achieved the recognition of both AIPF and ARPS qualifications.


Another unique view of the world is offered by Colin’s images from the series entitled “Forgotten”. This collection captures echoes of the past and whispers of the lives that once filled now silent, empty places; asking the viewer to consider the fragility and temporal nature of life and the gentle often beautiful decay that begins once human life departs from a place.  


These web pages offer a snapshot of the wide range of images in Colin’s portfolio. They offer the opportunity to sit with them a while, and dare you to dream.

Alison Ross


Alison is an artist, poet and photographer, who uses evokative digital imagery, both as an art form in itself, as well as a backdrop to, and illustration of the prose poetry she writes This is perhaps best evidenced in her latest publication, “The Voice of the Soul”.


Alison’s images would best be described as primarily fine art photography, often detailing the wonder of small things or offering a unique perspective on things which most of us pass by each day and fail to notice. From the beauty of an old bicycle to the texture of bark on a tree and the patterns created in clouds or wood, Alison’s images offer a new way of looking at the everyday, seeing beauty in even the most mundane of things. The quality of her images has been recognised by achieving both LIPF and LRPS awards and her unique combination of poetry and images by solo exhibitions showing her work.


Amongst the images included in these web pages, Alison’s images of Harris in particular offer viewers the opportunity to experience the unique view of the world that her work portrays. They seek to express the constant movement in the landscape of this region rather than focussing on the landscape itself, enjoy and take this opportunity to lose yourself in a new way of seeing.

© Copyright Declaration - All images shown on this site are protected by International Copyright Law by the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988. All images, text and ideas are the 'intellectual property' of Colin & Alison Ross

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